linz 2Why is it that I can never think of something eloquent to say here.  Oh, that’s right.  It’s because I’m a born and raised Oklahoman who doesn’t give a rip about being eloquent.  Yeah, that’s it.

To sum it up, I am a firm believer in striving after what God has called me to do.  I desire to be smack in the center of God’s great plan, and I know when I do that I am doing what I love.  I love a little bit of a lot.  Listening to people.  Playing with my beautiful daughter.  Dancing with my man.  Graphic designing.  Talking about Jesus.  Cooking southern food.  Creating new ideas.  Being with my sisters who aren’t bloodline but should be.  I sometimes strive for perfection and miss every time.  The cool thing about being perfect is that it doesn’t exist.  When I remind myself of this, it’s there that I rest in the cool hard facts that I can just be me.  Jesus loves me that way.

I am honored to be living a life with Christ. Every day is a new day. Today won’t happen again. So I want to take advantage of the opportunities God has given me. Make my life count and go the extra mile.  Life is a beautiful journey. I hope you enjoy the days travels.


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