~Day 214

This Thanksgiving season I have so much to be thankful for. The best is yet to come. 

My 27 Thanks~

1. My life. I have a great one. 

2. My husband. He is my best friend. 

3. My daughter. She brings so much joy to our lives. 

4. My Frisco boy. He’s our fuzzy buddy. 

5. Our parents. All of them mean so much to us. 

6. Our grandparents. They leave a great legacy. 

7. Our aunts and uncles. They are a great support system. 

8. Our cousins. They bring great laughter. 

9. Our step siblings. They are so thankful that we have them in our lives. 

10. Our friends. They are the brothers and sisters we never had. 
11. My job. I love my job. 

12. My job team. We are a wonderful blend of personalities. 
13. Jareds job.  He is blessed with a job he loves. 

14. My little lady’s school. She goes to a great place.  

15. Our house. We are blessed with a great roof over our heads. 

16. Good vehicles to get us place to place. 

17. Travel safety for Thanksgiving. 

18. Family who cooks great Thanksgiving meals. 

19. Flannel plaid shirts. Great for fall time. 

20. Time we get to spend with family. 

21. My relationship with Jesus. 

22. Our church. We enjoy being a part of it. 

23. The plans God has for us. 

24. Baby girl hugs and kisses. 

25. Blessed with 4 years with our girl. 

26. Another great Thanksgiving Day in the books. 

27. Christmas starts tomorrow!


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