~Day 212

My 27 Thanks~

1. We received good news this week. 

2. We choose to walk in courage, not fear. 

3. God gives me courage. 

4. Fear of the unknown does not determine my answer. 

5. My life is in God’s hands. 

6. My happiness if found in Jesus. 

7. I met some new friends. 

8. This sickness stuff is working its ways out of our house. 

9. We had a good family night. 

10. Service went well in Kids church this week. 

11. I get to teach kids about Jesus. 

12. Jared took care of B while I slept off some medicine that made me super sleepy. 

13. B is sleeping through the night. 

14. Apple butter. It’s so good. 

15. My friend Courtney had a good baby shower. 

16. She’s received some cute stuff. 

17. Prayers are being answered for us. 

18. My family is receiving answers for their prayers. 

19. My husband spoils me. 

20. B had a great time with Mrs. Beth. 

21. They got a free kids meal!

22. B got to play on the play ground. 

23. The hot weather is gone!! Yay!!! 

24. Jared finished the outdoor Christmas lights! 

25. We have a timer on them so they won’t run up the electric bill so bad.  

26. It was donut Saturday!! 

27. I feel loved.  



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