~Day 211

My 27 Thanks~

1. Time spent with  gma. 

2. We got to take a trip together. 

3. She is still able to take trips. 

4. She is doing well after her stroke this year. 

5. She lives life to the fullest. 

6. She makes old look good. 

7. She makes me want to be an explorer. 

8. She is willing to try fun new things. 

9. We got to stay in location with a beautiful view. 

10. We got free tickets to shows!

11. We made it safe to our destination.  

12. The trees are turning beautiful colors. 

13. Gma makes me laugh. 

14. I got a cold but that won’t stop me from a wild wknd with gma. 

15. Free coffee! 

16. Good surprises! 

17. Good conversation with gma. 

18. Cool fall breeze. “Not to hot, not to cold. All you need is a light jacket.”

19. I didn’t run over any slow elderly persons while driving. 

20. My patience for Branson is still intact even with a cold. 

21. Good home cooking. 

22. Ice cold water. 

23. Fresh rolls brought to the dinner table. Keeps me from passing out before the food gets there. 

24. Friendly waitresses. 

25. Great sunsets. 

26. Warm hotel room. 

27. A good end to a good day. 


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