~Day 210

My 27 Thanks~

1. My girl felt good enough to play soccer. 

2. She had a good day at school. 

3. She felt well enough to go back. 

4. I have enough sick time to be able to stay at home with her when I need to. 

5. My job is very understanding when it comes to sick kiddos. 

6. Her meds are still working their magic. 

7. Jared was able to get off work a bit early to pick up B. 

8. He saved me time. 

9. My job is flexible in the hours of the day that I work. 

10. We get to play soccer together as a family. 

11. When Jared kicked me in the face with the ball it didn’t hurt too bad. 

12. When I slapped him in the face it didn’t hurt too bad. 😉 

13. We made it safely to Tulsa. 

14. Chickfila always gets out order right. 

15. Their food has always new tasty. 

16. They offer healthy choices. 

17. B will eat their chicken!

18. We get to see family. 

19. Jared is secure enough to go watch a movie by himself when we are gone 😉 

20. B got some good rest on the way to T-town. 

21. Aunt Julie sent B an awesome surprise! 

22. Ain’t Julie is a great aunt to B.

23. I get to spend time with my fam.  

24. B didn’t have her fav animal with her but she managed ok. 

25. She keeps us laughing. 

26. She’s an excellent magnet builder. 

27. She’s my little lady!!


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