~Day 209

My 27 Thanks~

  1. I actually got up early to go into work early.
  2. Baby girl finally got some sleep with all her sickness stuff going on.
  3. Jared was able to stay home with her today.
  4. We were able to see the doctor.
  5. She got some good meds to hopefully kick this crud.
  6. If she could type she would say that she is thankful for all the movies she got to watch today.
  7. Netflix provides plenty of entertainment for a sick little lady.
  8. I made it to work without falling alseep.
  9. Co-workers/friends who help take care of baby girl.
  11. They treat her like one of their own, even though she is reluctant at first 🙂
  12. We got some good filming in today.
  13. Great things are happening in Discipleship Ministries!
  14. Jared is a really good dad to a sick baby girl.
  15. I had time to complete a last minute project.
  16. Jared did some grocery shopping for us.
  17. Walmart now has online shopping and pick up!!! I’m super excited that I don’t have to be the one to pull my products from the shelf.  This may make me go back to shopping at Walmart.
  18. Frisco boy got a bath!
  19. Jared bathed him for me.
  20. He no longer smells. (The dog, not Jared)
  21. I had a good conversation with my dad.
  22. When I came home my little girl brought me flowers and told me she got them for me just because she loves me.  Cue the sappy music and tears.
  23.  My flowers are beautiful.  
  24. My flowers smell wonderful.
  25. My little lady is so thoughtful even when she is feeling really bad.
  26. Comfy pants.
  27. I dropped my phone and it didn’t break.
  28. My family!!!! I love them so stinkn much!!!
  29. It’s been a god day.

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