~Day 207

My 27 Thanks~
1. God has been so good through my latest blog. 
2. The doors he has opened up. 
3. God has brought healing to my pain.
4. My pain has become a testimony. 
5. Satan can’t hold me down. 
6. God is on my side. 
7. For all the people who showed their love and support after my blog posted. 
8. For those that have felt the pain of miscarriage but have experienced healing. 
9. The peace I had in posting that blog. 
10. God’s words are in that blog. 
11. J’s mom and meme made it in safe this morning. 
12. They get to hang with us for a couple days.  
13. The breakfast I made was pretty spectacular. 
14. Orange juice tasted exceptionally good. 
15. We had a fantastic church service today!
16. We are striving to live a better life through Jesus. 

17. It was baptism Sunday!

18. So many lives came forward for baptism. 

19. The freedom and excitement on their faces. 

20. Brooklyn got to lead her church class in songs. 

21. We had a yummy lunch with J’s mom and meme. 

22. We had coupons!

23. Brooklyn was such a good girl for not having a nap. 

24. We had some good swing time on the back porch. 

25. Playing soccer with B is always fun. 

26. Fall back gave us an extra hour to eat breakfast 🙂 

27. My night is ending well to lead into my Monday.  



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