~ Day 206

My 27 Thanks~

  1. My girl got an award at school!
  2. She was chosen for the Humility award! That is such a top 3 character trait that is an honor to be honored for.
  3. There is so much to be thankful for in her.
  4. She marched up on that stage like a big girl!
  5. She treats people with respect.
  6. She puts others before her.
  7. She is selfless.
  8. She is beautiful, inside and out.
  9. Her smile brings smiles to peoples faces.
  10. She makes my life better.
  11. She loves Jesus and it shows.
  12. She helps make me brave.
  13. She loves to read her Bible.
  14. She is loving soccer!
  15. She plays sports.  Thank you Jesus.  I would wonder if I brought home the right kid if she didn’t like sports.
  16. She is pretty good at soccer!
  17. She gets to play with one of her close friends.
  18. She listens to the coach.
  19. We are meeting new people through soccer.
  20. Memories are being made.
  21. She looks pretty stinkn awesome in her soccer uniform.
  22. She is wearing the headband I got her. I might have told her that she had to wear it in order to play 🙂
  23. J and I are just as pumped as she as about playing soccer.  We might be more excited than her at this point.
  24. She is willing to try new things.
  25. We have the funds to be able to pay for extra activities for her.
  26. My little girl brings so much joy to those around her.
  27. She is doing great things for Jesus.

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