~Day 205

To be honest, these past few days have been very hard to find my thanks. At times it can be hard for my heart to keep persevering in the belief that God has given me hope for a prosperous future.  Prosperous, not in the sense of monetary possessions, but that He has good for my days ahead amidst life’s trials. His word says He has given me hope and a brilliant future. 

So I hold on to the promises of God.  I persevere. I meet with Him. I am thankful that He meets with me. 

My 27 Thanks~

1. Christ is enough for me. 

2. God is a good father. 

3. I find my hope in Him. 

4. He has promised me a future with Him. 

5. Christ died for my sins. 

6. I love God. 

7. Christ first loved me. 

8. I can bring my cares to Him. 

9. I am learning to be vulnerable before Him.

10. I can be vulnerable before God and not worry about saying the wrong thing. 

11. Humans fail us.  God doesn’t. 

12. My heart belongs to Jesus. 

13. He knows my heart. 

14. He sees every moment. 

15. He knows the number of hairs on my head. That’s how much He cares. 

16. My concerns are an important matter to God. 

17. He loves every person.  

18. My quiet time with Jesus. 

19. God is my strength. 

20. I always have God who will never lead me astray. 

21. My trust is found in the Lord. 

22. I am who I am because of healing from God. 

23. My life is not my own but is in the hands of the one true God. 

24. Life isn’t perfect and I have accepted that. 

25. Jesus makes me smile. 

26. I always have Jesus to talk to, 24/7. 

27. I am loved by God.  


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