~Day 204

If you are a creative person, take the time to thank God for giving you such a beautiful gift. I stand amazed at the color we, God’s children, can produce on a blank canvas. Wonderment. He is so good. 

My 27 Thanks~
1. I am living my life. 

2. God longs to see me fulfill His plans. 

3. My heart belongs to Jesus Christ. 

4. Not every time, but there are times when I’m working on a creative project and I can’t help but smile and thank God for giving me creative visions. I think it’s so cool. 

5. I have the privilege of working on God’s ministries. 

6. When I wake I know God is there. 

7. When I sleep, God is there. 

8. God offers freedom to all. 

9. I have a choice to serve God. Nothing is forced on me. 

10. My quiet times at night. 

11. He is everything I need. 

12. Music that offers words to my Father. 

13. The opportunity to meet with leadership. 

14. Brainstorming sessions. 

15. I was asked to join a Kids Ministry creative team. 

16. God opens doors for me to help others. 

17. New coffee shops. Give me new drinks to try out 🙂 

18. Sharing common passions with new friends. 

19. Finding more nuggets of wisdom from a book study. 

20. Those rare times when Jared gets off work a little early. 

21. My computer didn’t crash during a long project save. 

22. My text predictor no longer text corrects my “lol” to “I love pretzels”. Despite the fact that it is now changed to “shama lama ding dong”. Thanks honey. 

23. B likes to go on random adventures with me. 

24. Going on random trips to Pops with the fam. 

25. Even though the pumpkin patch was closed when we got there, we still had fun together. 

26. Getting fun pics in front of the crazy tall pop bottle. 

27. Jared is a wonderful daddy. 


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