~Day 203

My 27 Thanks~

1. I have great leaders to follow. 

2. Completed a project. 

3. My cozy bed sheets. 

4. I have a mattress to sleep on. 

5. The fall weather is so lovely that I get to open my windows in the house. 

6. My porch swing gets a lot of use in this great weather. 

7. Family hugs on the porch swing.  

8. The way B requests “Family hugs!”

9. Our hammock chair. Cozy. 

10. The leaves are beginning to change into beautiful colors. 

11. I have trees in my yard to enjoy the color change. 

12. My backyard is a great place for some family fun. 

13. Both of my cars are working. 

14. We have the means to put gas in both of them. 

15. God has blessed us in so many ways. 

16. Our dog child and baby girl are buddies. 

17. They play well together. 

18. My fall candles smell lovely. 

19. The fall decor is up in the house!

20. Candy corn. Mmmmm. 

21. I didn’t have to make dinner. Jared brought it to me 🙂

22. Frozen yogurt. It makes me feel like I’m making a healthy choice. 

23.  All the awesome toppings I can put on my frozen yogurt. 

24. Brooklyn eats healthier than me. 

25. There’s a frozen yogurt shop close to us. 

26. She’s a great and willing teammate when it comes to going and eating frozen yogurt. 

27. No one judges me for adding frosted animal cookies to my frozen yogurt. ( If you’re judging, stop it. ) 



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