~Day 201

My 27 Thanks~

1. It’s great to be back in the office. 

2. I have a great office to work in. 

3. The pictures around me remind me of how good I have it with my family. 

4. My family is pretty cute 😉 

5. B is embracing her hair. 

6. My Starbucks mug that keeps my coffee hot for hours. 

7. French vanilla creamer at the office. It makes my coffee taste so much better. 

8. My office provides coffee for us. I think they realize it makes us more productive. 

9. My computer is running better. 

10. We completed a big project. 

11. The project looks good. 

12. My man came to have lunch with me. 

13. We had good conversations over lunch. 

14. He thinks of me during the day. 

15. I think of him during the day. 

16. We genuinely love each other. 

17. A meeting was postponed so that I can join it. I don’t like missing team meetings. 🙂

18. I’ve been appointed to the Children’s Ministry team for the IPHC! Excited about all God is going to do. 

19. Our team works really well together. I know I’ve said this before but I am truly thankful for that. 

20. The future is exciting!

21. B and I got to play with play dough. 

22. I get to watch her be creative. 

23. We make a good sculpting team. 

24. Baseball is in excitement mode!

25. The Cubbies won!!! It’s about time!!

26. They beat the Cardinals. That felt good. 

27. The Rangers still have a shot! 


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