~Day 202

My 27 Thanks~

1. It’s a fabulous day for a field trip!

2. I get time away from work to be with my baby girl on her first field trip!

3. Brooklyn attends a school who values the importance of field trips. 

4. They love having the parents involved. 

5. B is super pumped about going to the pumpkin patch. 

6. The teachers do a great job with the kiddos. 

7. She’s still excited to have me around her friends. 

8. I’m still a cool mom. 

9. I got some good time in the coffee shop with work before the trip. 

10. My favorite coffee drink is always available. 

11. The woman who had hot tea spilled on her didn’t get hurt.

12. Coffee shops help me be more creative at times. 

13. I got to be the juice mom! Pretty excited about that one. 

14. I have a child who I can be juice mom to. 

15. Brooklyn loved riding the bus! 

16. We had fun making memories on the bus. 

17. There weren’t too many little children screaming on the bus. 

18. We made it safe to the Pumpkin Patch. 

19. B loved playing on the hay bales. 

20. My allergies didn’t explode. 

21. We had a fun fall party. 

22. The hayride was a great experience for B. 

23. We had fun with the baby goats. 

24. I got to hang with some of B’s little friends. 

25. B’s teacher really enjoys having her in class. 

26. We got to pick out a great pumpkin. 

27. We made a lifetime memory. 



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