~Day 199

My 27 Thanks~

1. I woke up relatively easy. 

2. Frisco was kind enough not to poop in B’s bed. He chose the floor instead. Thanks Frisco. 

3. Brooklyn is looking forward to church. 

4. I get to plug into a new kids volunteer role. 

5. Lowes took back our broken mower without a fight. 

6. We got the mower we wanted on sale. 

7. Kids church went great. 

8. Good things are happening in the lives of the kids. 

9. Leftovers that make several different meals. 

10. Saving money by eating leftovers. 

11. B gets to see her little friend today for her bday party. 

12. We found a cute gift for her. 

13. B had fun at the bday party. 

14. I got to eat a cupcake. Mmm. 

15. We’ve had a great wknd together as a family. 

16. The Cowboys play today!

17. B got a good nap. 

18. J and I made a really good smoothie. 

19. The Rangers played today! 

20. We lost but we are still up by 1 game!

21. Jared made us some great grilled chicken. 

22. I chose the healthy decision and ate grilled instead of fried. Go me. 

23. Jared bought me Cheeze-it’s. I’m a 4 yr old. And I think the Cheeze-it’s wiped out my good choice in grilled vs. fried. 

24. I got to lay dress up with B. 

25. The giggles I get from her when I look like a total weirdo in my tutu and fairy wand. 

26. Cuddle time with Frisco on the couch. 

27. I have a fabulous family. 


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