~Day 198

My 27 Thanks~

1. Waking up to all 4 of my family members. 

2. Hearing my baby girl whisper to her daddy “I’m so hungry. I need a bagel.”  Reminds me that I’m home. 

3. Having Frisco cuddle with me in the morning. 

4. Daddy took B to go get donuts. 

5. They found the coffee I was looking for. 

6. They brought me back a donut. 

7. B has fun with her daddy when they go get donuts. 

8. Time to bring gifts to a friend. 

9. Friends who pull together in times of need. 

10. Spending time with J and B on Saturdays. 

11. Finding food on sale at the grocery store. Saves me money. 

12. OU vs. Texas game is on!

13. Thankful I didn’t last through the whole OU game.  

14. Thankful I took a nap into the 2nd half. 

15. Thankful I didn’t throw anything at the TV. 

16. My nap was lovely. 

17. I got to nap with my baby girl. 

18. The Cubs have made the NLDS! They are my second team after the Rangers. 

19. We got to watch the game with Cardinals fans. It makes the game more fun. 

20.  Friends who let us invite ourselves over to their house. Thanks Todd and Jana 😉 

21. Good cookout food. 

22. B always does great when we go to friends houses. 

23. We had a nice media room to watch the game in. 

24. The Cubs won! Sorry Todd and Jana 🙂 

25. B went to sleep by herself. 

26. J’s night time prayers over B. 

27. The Rangers play tomorrow! 


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