~Day 197

My 27 Thanks~

1. I am reunited with my baby girl! 

2. I got a BIG hug from her. 

3. I got BIG kisses from B!

4. I got to sleep in. 

5. I had the day off from work. 

6. I was able to take the morning slow. 

7. B seems to be feeling better. 

8. Coffee alone time. 

9. Lunch time with J. 

10. Time to do a quick design for a friend. 

11. I am able to help out in hard circumstances. 

12. My doc appt went by pretty quick. 

13. I was able to make it to my second appt. 

14. I got good reports back from both docs. 

15. I am blessed with good health. 

16. I enjoy my doctors. 

17. I was able to buy some food for a friend in need. 

18. Free samples at the grocery store!

19. Jared got to come see me a little early. 

20. We had some time on the road together. I always enjoy being in the car with J. 

21. We got to meet up for dinner with J’s parents. 

22. The new restaurant we tried was good. 

23. B felt well enough to eat some powdered donuts 😉

24. We got to stop at Pops! 

25. B has fun with us at the big pop bottle. 

26. We made it home safely. 

27. All 4 of us are back together. (Frisco being the 4th) 🙂 


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