~Day 196

My 27 Thanks~

1. Having an early afternoon flight so I can sleep a little longer. 

2. Housekeeping knocked at 8am instead of barging in. 

3. I responded with a nicer answer than expected when I said “no thank you” to the 8am housekeeping knock that woke me up. 

4. Staying in nice hotels. I could be staying in a shanty. 

5. The good feeling of going home. 

6. I remembered my charger that I left in the room before I check out. 

7. The hotel offers Starbucks coffee. 

8. We made our flight on time. 

9. I managed to grab food before I boarded. 

10. Wisdom from our pilot. 

11. We arrived safely to Dallas. 

12. The Lord kept us safe in the air. 

13. I got some good work done. 

14. The alone time to think.

15. Time to listen to music. 

16. Nobody next to me wanted to talk. 

17. We made our connecting flight. 

18. Gatorade. It gives me a slight pick me up. 

19. The guy next to me on the flight provides interesting conversation. 

20. The flight went by quick. 

21. We arrived to OKC safely. 

22. My hubby came to pick me up!

23. All our luggage arrived. 

24. I got to spend some quality time with my hubby. 

25. We had a fun date night at the movies. 

26. Conversations are always fun with J. 

27. Home at last. 


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