~Day 195

My 27 Thanks~
1. We have had a great Summit so far. 

2. We get to give and receive more training today. 

3. The yummy cup of coffee Bill got me. 

4. He is a great Director who shows his appreciation for the work we do for him. 

5. Breakfast was provided for us. 

6. Visionary meetings for Kids Ministry. 

7. I finished a last minute presentation just in time. 

8. The momentum to pursue after God’s plans. 

9. A great conversation with a new friend. 

10. The wisdom I learn from leaders that have gone before me.  

11. Meeting women who are leaders in their community. 

12. People who lead by example. 

13. The opportunity to meet new leaders. 

14. Networking with leaders to learn new ideas. 

15. Collaboration. 

16. We all have our own unique story. No two are alike. 

17. People who are willing to stand up and have the courage to charge after what God has called them to do. 

18. New ideas that continue to make our ministries greater. 

19. Delicious dinner with yummy FRESH shrimp. 

20. Thank you Bishop Greg for taking care of our dinner! 

21. Getting to know team members better over a good cup of tea. 

22. Leaders are willing to brainstorm into the night even though they’ve had a day full of meetings. 

23. Big things are ahead for Discipleship Ministries!

24. I finally got my toes in the sand! 

25. Good time on the beach with team members. 

26. The beautiful stars at night that overlook the deep waters. 

27. The creation of the Lord. It is truly inspiring. 


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