~Day 194

My 27 Thanks~
1. Our beautiful banquet. 

2. Delicious food. 

3. Great company. 

4. The kind staff. 

5. Reconnecting with some great Directors. 

6. A long, yet productive, late night meeting. 

7. Being able to FaceTime my baby girl. 

8. Conversations where I get to learn from individuals. 

9. Michelle Anthony. She has brought so much insight into our Family Ministry departments. 

10. Michelle awakened the church. 

11. Bringing fresh insight into our existing ministries. 

12. The privilege to talk one on one with Michelle about Kids Ministry. 

13. The truth about spiritual parenting according to Gods word is being implemented. 

14. Each session kept everyone intrigued. 

15. The time we had together as small groups. 

16. Provisions of our lunch. 

17. The coffee was flowing. 

18. The opportunity to work alongside great leaders. 

19. I am diving into spiritual parenting research while B is still young. 

20. I am becoming a better parent because of where God has led me in my ministry. 

21. I am not a perfect parent AT ALL, but God knows that and offers grace. 

22. The team I work with has a passion for a common goal that is rare to find in many teams.

23. Men’s Ministries paid for dinner. Thank you Bill! 

24. I had FRESH crab. Oh so yummy. You just can’t get that in Oklahoma. 

25. Fun times outside of the office with coworkers. 

26. A friend and coworker made it out on an unexpected early flight. 

27. God is taking care of the unexpected circumstances. 


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