~Day 193

My 27 Thanks~

1. I woke up in time for my flight. 

2. I made it out the door in time. 

3. The unexpected train that runs at 5:30am didn’t make me late for my flight. 

4. The opportunity to take this trip. 

5. I am heading out to learn from a great family ministry consultant. 

6. Traveling with some great coworkers. 

7. Airports are great for people watching. 

8. Chill time. 

9. Safe flights. 

10. Pilots who know what they are doing. 

11. My bags arrived at my destination. 

12. Brainstorming time on the plane. 

13. My own seat on the plan. 

14. Sitting near coworkers to help me brainstorm. 

15. The opportunity to work on kids projects for our church. 

16. The good FaceTime brainstorm meeting with our Kids Director. 

17. The beautiful location for our Discipleship Summit. 

18. Jared was able to pick up our sick little girl from school. 

19. His office is flexible and he is able to bring her to his office when she is sick if I’m not in town. 

20. J’s parents were able to come over and help us out. 

21. God hears my prayers for our little girl. 

22. He has called me to my ministry and told me He would provide for my little girl while I’m answering His call on my life. 

23. Jared is so supportive in all areas of my life. 

24.  There is healing taking place in her body. 

25. She is in safe hands. 

26. My view while working is pretty wonderful. 

27. My heart is ready to share our passion for the church. 


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