~Day 192

My 28 Thanks~

1. I get to work with kids at church today. 

2. Jared mowed the lawn. 

3. He doesn’t make me mow it, even though I totally would 😉 

4. The mower didn’t die on is like we thought it did. 

5. Kids church went well. 

6. I get to have fun with kids. 

7. I get to develop relationships with kids. 

8. I get to pray over them 

9. They get to pray over me. 

10. B remembered part of her scripture verse. 

11. The time I get with Jared in church service. It’s one of my favorite times we spend together because we are building our relationship with the Lord. 

12. Our fun family outing at the mall. 

13. I found some cute shoes 🙂

14. Found some good shoes for B that were on clearance. 

15. She did relatively well for not having a nap. 

16. The time I got to swing on the back porch with B cuddled up next to me.  

17. The cool breeze in the air. 

18. Relaxation. It only comes in spurts. 

19. Jared got me a surprise!

20. My surprise rocks. It’s a new Rangers tank!

21. He gives me random acts of kindness and love. 

22. Brooklyn likes to dig in the dirt. She’s not all girly girl.

23. She also likes to play dress up after she digs in the dirt. 

24. She’s a terrific balance. 

25. Jared worked hard and fixed our bed! 

26. He is willing to try new things. 

27. I got a good amount of laundry done. 




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