~Day 191

My 27 Thanks~

1. We got some great rest. 

2. Our sick friends survived the night. 

3. They felt better in the morning. 

4. There little boy hasn’t caught anything. 

5. They still got to go out on their Saturday adventure. 

6. We had a relaxing morning. 

7. We got to watch cartoons with B. 

8. OU won their game! 

9. We got to watch the Rangers play, even though we watched them lose. 

10. We still have a chance to win our division. 

11. The game gave me an excuse to wear my Rangers jersey. 

12. J and I had some quality time together. 

13. B took a nice long nap. 
14. We had the time to go explore one of our fav food stores. 

15. We can have fun just exploring new things in a grocery store. 

16. We found all the stuff we needed to make our scrumptious chocolate cake. 

17. J and B got to have some fun time at the park. 

18. I had a good conversation with my good friend, Shanna. 

19. Great things are in store for her! 

20. I’m blessed to have her in my life. 

21. She prays for me. 

22. My chili soup turned out pretty good!

23. We had lovely weather for chili. 

24. I was able to make that yummy chocolate cake. 

25. It’s pecan season!! 

26. My cake tastes so lovely. 

27. Jared and I had time to chill and watch a movie together on the couch. 


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