~Day 190

My 28 Thanks~

  1. It’s the weekend!!!
  2. We get to see some close friends tonight!
  3. They get to stay at our house. Sleepover!
  4. B was a good little trooper when we went grocery shopping.
  5. The donut that I bought succeeded in it’s duty of occupying most of the shopping trip for B 🙂
  6. I was successful in making it a short shopping trip.
  7. Frisco got to play with his little girlfriend across the street.
  8. He plays really well with other dogs.
  9. Brooklyn is a big helper.
  10. She likes to work in the garden with us.
  11. We were able to pick off some good tomatoes.
  12. The caterpillar didn’t eat all of our tomatoes.
  13. Most of our plants did really well this season!  It was our first time to plant.
  14. We are successful gardeners.
  15. We found some cute gardening tools that B likes to use.
  16. Our tomatoes taste so yummy!
  17. B and I had some fun time playing outside.
  18. I was able to do a deep cleaning of the house.
  19. Our friends made it safe to our house.
  20. The kids had a fun time playing.
  21. My dinner turned out pretty yummy.
  22. Jared built a fire for us.
  23. We got to roast smores.  I. LOVE. SMORES.
  24. Watching the reactions from the kids when they ate roasted mallows.  It was fantastic.
  25. Sadly our friends got sick.  Thankful that all sickness made it to the bathroom.
  26. We are not going to catch anything.  (Speaking in faith!)
  27. Despite the sickness, we had good conversation.
  28. We are thankful for their friendship.  

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