~Day 189

My 27 Thanks~

  1. Jared got B ready for school so I could go into work early.
  2. We make a good team.
  3. We share life’s duties.
  4. He never makes me feel less than.
  5. It was semi-quiet around the office.
  6. I was able to tune in and really focus on my project.
  7. I completed the project.
  8. I didn’t have to stay at the office as late I was thinking I would have to.
  9. Traffic after 6pm starts to dwindle.
  10. My commute isn’t too bad when dealing with traffic.
  11. My phone calls at lunch with J.
  12. He made it back home safe from his business meeting in Tulsa.
  13. He has new clients!
  14. He works hard for our family.
  15. I received a gift from someone!
  16. Thursday nights with the fam.  They just seem more relaxed with the wknd right around the corner.
  17. My new candle J and B bought. It smells pretty good!
  18. B has a good sniffer on her nose to pick out the good candles.
  19. J and B had a good daddy daughter date night.
  20. They had fun at Chickfila.
  21. No children or daddies were harmed on the playground.
  22. The big baby girl hugs I get from B when I see her after school.
  23. Yummy bowls of cereal.
  24. We found the nasty caterpillar that has been eating our tomatoes.
  25. He is no longer in our tomato garden.
  26. Brooklyn had fun toughing him. With gloves on of course.
  27. She didn’t break down in tears when I got rid of him.  

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