~Day 188

My 28 Thanks~

  1. The start of a new opportunity.
  2. God has our lives in His hands.
  3. No matter my outcomes in life, God is always there with me.
  4. It is well with my soul.
  5. I have peace amidst the unknown.
  6. I am safe in so many ways.
  7. My man loves me oh so much.
  8. My coffee pot.
  9. The steak knives my gma gave us.
  10. I had time to make my recipe for taco seasoning.
  11. Taco seasoning adds so much goodness to meat.
  12. I was able to get to work earlier than expected.
  13. I have flexible hours at the office.
  14. My project is nearing completion.
  15. iTunes plays free music for me.
  16. Artists who are willing to lay it out there and record their voices.
  17. Musicians.  It takes a lot of time to learn an instrument and play it well.
  18. Jared knows how to write music.
  19. He writes music for me.
  20. He knows how to play instruments.  That was one of my “need to haves” in my husband 😉
  21. He plays guitar for me.
  22. He and B play guitar together.
  23. B likes to play her guitars.
  24. She has an interest in music.
  25. The fall weather moving in this week!!
  26. Rainy days.  I actually enjoy them when I’m stuck inside.
  27. Leftovers for me to eat at work.
  28. The hoped of a new day tomorrow.

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