~Day 187

My 28 thanks ~

  1. B and I had a good ride to school.
  2. She is typically in a good mood on the way to school.
  3. We get to pray together in the mornings.
  4. The drop off line at school is usually short.
  5. The system the school uses for dropping off kids works really well.
  6. B hasn’t shed a tear at all when we drop her off in the mornings.
  7. The lamp that we got from Jared’s granny. It was his papaw’s.
  8. The old bulb in it still works.  Make me think of papaw when we turn it on.
  9. Cherished memories.
  10. The picture frames Jared put together for me.
  11. My guest room is coming together. It’s only been a year since we moved in 🙂
  12. My man helps me out so much around the house.
  13. He is a big help with B in the mornings.
  14. I was able to get a lot accomplished at the office.
  15. Creative meetings.  It gives me a chance to brainstorm with like minded people.
  16. The opportunity to be a part of planning meetings.
  17. The joy I get when I hear Jared reading to B.
  18. The giggles B has when daddy reads in a silly voice.
  19. She is inquisitive and asks “what is rhubarb?”
  20. I had an excellent parent/teacher conference.
  21. B’s teacher had terrific things to say about B.
  22. She doesn’t cause problems in the class.
  23. She listens and follows the rules at school.
  24. Her teachers actually like having her in their class.
  25. She learns songs in chapel.
  26. I am able to help out with class activities.
  27. Yummy newtons.
  28. Baby girl kisses.

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