~Day 186

My 27 Thanks (Monday)~

  1. I got a full 8 hours of sleep! That hardly ever happens. I know. Shame on me.
  2. I prayed for a specific thing to happen on this day and it did.
  3. God answers prayers.
  4. God is SO good.
  5. B stayed with Meme so I can get even more work done with the free time.
  6. I had a productive day.
  7. I have peace in a new situation.
  8. My husband is so loving towards me.
  9. He is always looking out for me.
  10. He wants me safe.
  11. Creative ideas that come very quickly.
  12. Executing new ideas quickly.
  13. My mother-in-law brought me back some North Carolina corn meal!  Trust us, it makes corn bread taste better.
  14. I get to cook come authentic NC cornbread soon!
  15. Though I got “hangry” at Jared, he forgave me. Defintion of “hangry”- getting angry when you are hungry.
  16. I accomplished a lot of work.
  17. I was able to clean house a little bit.
  18. Frisco got cleaned up at the groomers.
  19. The groomer didn’t sue me when Frisco bit her. The poor dog didn’t want his nails clipped.
  20. Frisco still loves me even though I dropped him off at the “bad place”.
  21. I was able to get an appointment scheduled on the day I was wanting.
  22. B, Great, and Teresa made it safe to OKC.
  23. We got to eat dinner with them.
  24. My Pei Wei filled up my belly.
  25. I don’t have to go to bed hungry.
  26. Our night time books with B.
  27. I got to bed at a decent hour.

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