~ Day 185

My 28 Thanks~

  1. It’s church day!
  2. I got to sleep in a little.
  3. Meme took care of B in the morning so I could get some extra rest.
  4. B had a fun morning with Meme.
  5. Her excitement to see me in the morning.
  6. We got to attend church with Meme.
  7. The church service was really good.
  8. B had a fun time in her class.
  9. I got a new macaroni necklace from B.
  10. She remembered what she learned in Kids church.
  11. The different creative ways churches reach their people.
  12. Getting to spend time with my mother-in-law.
  13. We got to each lunch with Great Meme.
  14. She wasn’t feeling well but seeing B cheered her up.
  15. B ate all her lunch.
  16. B and I got to play around with each other at Great’s house.
  17. B is learning more everyday on how to use her words.  In a good way 🙂
  18. She got in a great nap.
  19. I got to just sit and relax for the afternoon.
  20. HGTV had some good shows on.  I don’t have cable so watching HGTV is a privilege 😉
  21. I live in a great house.
  22. B got to stay the night with Meme.
  23. Meme didn’t have to be alone for the night.
  24. I had a good conversation on the phone with my hubby.
  25. Future plans. I am excited for what God has in store.
  26. I stayed safe on the road.
  27. I didn’t run out of gas like I thought I was going to.
  28. I had some great quality time with my hubby.

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