~Day 183

What are you thankful for? Never take for granted little positives you can find in the every day. 

My 28 Thanks (Friday)~

1. Driving in the beautiful countryside

2. The five minutes that Brooklyn gives me to cuddle with her in the morning.

3. Her sweet voice. 

4. Puppy. He makes a good friend for my little girl. 

5. Fall craft time!

6. The time I get with my girl on Fridays. 

7. I got some good design work done.

8.  I get to use one of my favorite skills as a part of my job.

9. I get paid to do one of the things I love.

10. It’s God’s creativity, not my own. 

11. My laptop is running faster. 

12. Brooklyn plays well by herself when I have to work. 

13. Design programs that help bring my creativity to reality. 

14. I don’t have to be charged God long distance phone calls in the U.S.  

15. I can still talk to my hubby through text when he can’t always talk on the phone. 

16. Brooklyn was in a pretty good mood for not having a regular nap time. 

17. Aux cable in the car so I can listen to the songs I choose. (I don’t have it today. I miss it. ) 

18. We hit the road on time. 

19. B slept for most of our road trip. ( I planned nap time that way. Smart momma)

20. I ran into my sweet friends, Wanda Elliot and Becky Watkins, on my road trip.

21. We had a sweet conversation. 

22. Wanda has been such a wonderful mentor to me. She gave me the honor of serving as the Next Gen leader on the Conference Women’s Board and then as the Assistant Director. She offered so much trust in my leadership and opened up so many doors for me. I have her in part to think for where I am today. She is a fabulous woman of God who I was honored to serve with.

23. I didn’t break my elbow when I shut it in the car door. 

24. I made it safely to my best friend, Kristin Skippers, house!

25. We got to make yummy cupcakes.  

26. Our girls got to play together. 

27. Frisch boy enjoyed the backyard. 

28. I had good conversation with Kristin. 


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