~ Day 182

My 27 Thanks~

1. I’m not struggling to make ends meet. 

2. I have plenty to celebrate. 

3. My Jesus loves me yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

4. My baby girl had a good picture day at school. 

5. She smiled. At least that’s what she told me. 

6. B has a beautiful smile. 

7. She smiles for the camera. 

8. She rocks at family pics. 

9. Family pics are always a blast. 

10. Those memories last a lifetime. 

11. We got to see the Christmas store again. 

12. The excitement in B’s eyes when she saw how wonderful the Christmas store looked. 

13. Her “little kid” excitement about Christmas coming up. 

14. Watching her have fun in the “little houses”. 

15. She and nana had a wonderful time while nana was here to visit. 

16. B and nana are buddies. 

17. Even though nana lives far away, B is close to her nana. 

18. Nana made it back home safe. 

19. Jared made it safe to his work trip destination. 

20. He had a great night meeting prospective clients. 

21. B and I made it home safe from the airport. 

22. We got to see a deer by the airport!

23. B asks questions. 

24. She is inquisitive. 

25. She comprehends things. 

26. She loves to learn. 

27. I get to write her awesome notes for each school day. 


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