~Day 181

My 28 Thanks~

1. New adventures every day. 

2. I have so much to be thankful for. 

3. I have clean clothes. 

4. My mom helped me with stuff around the house. 

5. She lightened my load. 

6. She had an extra day with us. 

7. She is able to fly to come see us. 

8. Their new home in CO is looking good!

9. We will soon have a new vacay spot!

10. We don’t have to pay to stay at our new vacay spot 🙂 

11. The beautiful sunrise on my way to work. 

12. God starts our day out with a beautiful picture in the sky. 

13. He ends our day with a beautiful picture in the sky. 

14. The opportunity to talk to others about Jesus. 

15. Phones that give me good map directions. How did I get anywhere before them??? 

16. Jared’s good bbq skills. 

17. A nice night to grill out. 

18. Hot bbq chicken. 

19. Some of our fav shows are back on. 

20. Good laughs with family. 

21. Seeing B develop more and more everyday. 

22. Just the fact that I have a child of my own. So thankful for that. 

23. Wrestle matches with B. 

24. Making silly faces with B. 

25.  She has a sense of humor. 

26. She can name all 5 senses. 

27. She got a bath. She smells good now. 

28. Ending the day with Jesus. 


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