~Day 180

  • I’m running behind on my days but I’ll catch up 😉 

My 27 Thanks~
1. Cough drops that numb your throat.

2. I am feeling much better.

3. The privilege and opportunity to speak to university student.

4. God provides all that we need.

5. He uses me to deliver His Word. 

6. He brought healing to my body.

7. I had peace. 

8. Mom got to meet some of the awesome people I work with

9. The opportunity to help create vision and future ideas for worldwide projects.

10. The privilege to work with some intelligent men and women.

11. God has placed creativity in me.

12. The millions of people who take the time to post reliable information on the Internet.

13. Nurses and their stethoscopes.

14. Wintergreen mints. Nobody has time for bad breath.

15. Women and men who can work together as a team and respect each other. 

16. Free lunch!

17. Chickfila nuggets. 

18. Chickfila sauce. 

19. Raspberry lemonade. 

20. Our dinner tradition with mom.

21. Irma’s restaurant. 

22. Irma’s onion rings. Mmmmm. 

23. Nana got to pick up B from school. 

24. The beautiful necklace my baby girl made me. 

25. I noticed before I walked into my meeting that I was still wearing the necklace B made me. I might have looked like a hippie kindergarten teacher walking into that meeting if I had still been wearing it.

26. B’s favorite part of the necklace is the cross. 

27. My baby loves Jesus. 


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