~Day 179

My 28 Thanks (Monday)~

1. Medications, even if they are taken to start out a Monday. 

2. Warm blankets. 

3. Friends who help you out when you are in a bind.

4. Doctors who have the patient’s best interest in mind.

5. I have a good doctor.

6. My doctor tells me to go home and pray about things.

7. My doctor knows that prayers important.

8. My doctor knows that prayer works.

9. Prayer is a pretty great medicine. 

10. My mom is here to help take care of B when I’m not feeling the best. 

11. Jared had a good prospect meeting.

12. Having mom stay with us means I get to spend more time with her.

13.   I have the provisions to buy my medications.

14. The quiet time to write my message.

15. God gave me some stuff to preach.

16. Having mom at the house helped give me time to prepare.

17. My mom made an awesome dinner for us.

18. My mom’s dressing. It’s not just for Thanksgiving!

19. Green bean casserole. Again, it’s not just for Thanksgiving!

20. Brooklyn is starting to eat more chicken. The Chick-fil-A cows would be so proud of her.

21. Brooklyn’s dinnertime conversation. She comes up with some crazy stuff.

22. She is compassionate. She comes in to check on me to see if I’m feeling better.

23. Brooklyn thinks of others before herself.

24. Her ability to read words.

25. She talks about Jesus.

26. She wants to know more about Him. 

27. She likes fun shoes. 

28. She is creative beyond her years. 


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