~Day 178

My 27 thanks~

1. I managed to pull myself out of bed for early church service. 

2. I was on time to church. 

3. Great times were had in Kids church. 

4. Worship in kids church. 

5. Confidence from leaders who trust I can get a job done. 

6. Leaders who lead. 

7. Jared made us all breakfast. 

8. Nana bought tickets for Frozen on Ice. 

9. B loved her surprise. 

10. She stayed seated for the whole 2 hours. 

11. It didn’t rain hard on us when we walked across the fair to get to the building. 

12. The souvenirs nana bought B. 

13. We made great memories. 

14. Fair food!

15. Corn dogs at the fair… Bc they are a treasure of fair despite how horrible they are for you. 

16. Fair lemonade. Something about it tastes better than the rest. 

17. Fair crepes. Mmm strawberry goodness. 

18. I found a cute new shirt. 

19. The money to be able to buy that cute shirt. 

20. Despite the downpour of rain, we had a great time. 

21. We had plenty of umbrellas and ponchos. 

22. The buildings at the fair gave us good shelter. 

23. I didn’t start feeling sick until after the fair. 

24. My hubby fixed me dinner. 

25. Mom helped watch B while I was feeling sick. 

26. I get to go to bed early. 

27. Cuddles from my boy Frisco when I’m not feeling well. 


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