~Day 177

My 28 Thanks:

1. The lovely fall weather that came in overnight!

2. Having my daughter brush my cheek with her hand and tell me that she loves me. 

3. Morning cuddles. 

4. Yummy homemade pancakes.  

5. I still have the skill to make pancake art. 

6. Fresh strawberries. 

7. I know how to make gravy. Mmmm. 

8. Brooklyn got to meet up for a play date. 

9. Her little friend is a great playmate. 

10. They managed to miss the carpet and couches when they decided to paint their nails. 

11. I had a great conversation with a new friend. 

12. Jared got to go to the OU game. 

13. OU won!

14. I got to go to a store I’ve  been wanting to check out for a while. 

15. Mom found some good items for Christmas. 

16. I resisted the urge to buy ๐Ÿ™‚ 

17. Brooklyn slept through the entire shopping trip. 

18. I get to roll down my windows and enjoy the nice weather. 

19. We enjoyed family movie time. 

20. Nana had fun watching the new movie with B. 

21. I got a good nap in. 

22. I started feeling sick but my nap helped work it out. 

23. Nana watched B for J and I do we could go to our friend Jana’s bday dinner. 

24. We had a yummy meal. 

25. Jana was born on this day! Happy birthday to my good friend! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

26. We discovered a lot about each other in our conversations. You never know what someone has been through unless the time is taken to share but also listen. 

27. Jared and I had a lovely date night. 

28. B was asleep when we got home. She didn’t convince nana to let her stay up later ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


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