~Day 176

My 27 Thanks:

1. I got to see Brooklyns first performance in school! 

2. It’s Friday which means the wknd is here!

3. Nana was able to see B perform. 

4. B performed with no fear!

5. She followed her music teacher so well. 

6. She listened to instructions.  

7. Nana took her to the book fair. 

8. Nana bought her some great new books. 

9. B loves to read. 

10. Her teachers do a great job with a bunch of little kiddos. 

11. The principal cares for the kids. 

12. We got to meet some of B’s friends. 

13. Her friends are too cool for drugs. 😉

14. We all got to spend time at chickfila together. 

15. We got free ice cream!

16. I also got a free breakfast sandwich at Starbucks!

17. We found cool craft supplies for B. 

18. The fun we had playing with Santa masks at the store. 

19. Mom found some good sale items. 

20. My phone has great abilities to video and take a pics. 

21. Jared was invited to the Dallas Cowboys game next wknd! 

22. Our dinner that we cooked up was pretty good. 

23. Brooklyn helps clean up. 

24. Mom helped me clean up the dishes. 

25. Jared is always willing to share the workload around the house. 

26. My new slippers are comfy. 

27. The good conversations with my mom 


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