~Day 175

My 28 Thanks: 

1. I have a good dog riding shotgun with me. 

2. The beautiful sunrise clouds that greeted  me this morning. 

3. Jared helped me with the laundry.

4. I had some free time to work on my guest room project.

5. The state fair is here! Time to gain a few pounds.

6. I went through a box that contains memories since I was a kid. I am so thankful for the adults that made such a great impact in my life.

7. Youth sponsors. They give so much to teenagers and I am so grateful for that.

8. Children’s volunteers at church. They serve in the trenches. 😉

9. Senior pastors. They sign up for a 24 seven job because they love God and love people.

10. Worship pastors. They give me the opportunity to worship God through song. It is one of my favorite ways to worship. 

11. Missionaries. You all are incredible.

12. Open highways late at night. It gives me a chance to clear my head.

13.We had a tantrum free evening. Thank you Jesus.

14. I was able to schedule a play date for Brooklyn.

15. Taco Thursday!

16. I am blessed with the funds to buy a couple of coworkers lunches today. I owed them after a major favor and they did for me.

17. I have a lot of creative freedom at work.

18. Mom made it safe to OKC. 

19. Jared helped me clean the house.

20. B’s teacher let her come to class early today bc Jared had a meeting to go to. 

21. He made it to his meeting on time. 

22. She is well liked by the principal. 

23. Cool summer nights. 

24. Fall is near!!

25. Pumpkin patches are opening!

26. I found a funny note written in high school from my friend Amy.  It made me laugh. It’s a wonder we passed high school. Lol

27. Amy and I can go months without talking but we still remain good friends. 

28. High school is over and done. 


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