~Day 174

My 27 Thanks~

1. Hearing B’s sweet little voice say “good morning, daddy!”  

2. All Sons and Daughters music. 

3. The beautiful sunrise. 

4. 4 lane highways. I’m not a very patient driver. 

5. Billy Graham and his unwavering faith. He is a remarkable man. 

6. B gets to learn about Jesus at school. 

7. Goodwill. They help out a lot of people. They also give me a place to dump my unwanted stuff. 

8. The Children’s Hospital in Bethany.  They are Christian based and have helped so many kids. I hate that it even has to exist but in an imperfect world I am so glad they are here to help. 

9. The smell of fresh rain in the mornings. 

10. The Lords hand on my life. 

11. Jared and B’s time together on the ride to school. 

12. French vanilla creamer. 

13. The typewriter I was given that was  Papaw and Granny’s, Jared’s grandparents. It makes me think of them when I look at it. 

14. It looks great in my office. 

15. Making an On-Cue run with Jana. It got me out of the office for a bit and I got a Dr. Ice cold Pepper. One day I’ll quit??

16. I work with a team that I can trust. 

17. My husband supports me in my work. 

18. He is willing to edit my work 🙂

19. We pinch hit for each other. 

20. The beautiful blue in the sky. 

21. I have gas in my tank. 

22. I received an uplifting email. 

23. God’s direction was made a little bit more clear for me. 

24. God always has my back.

25. Coming home to a family that loves me.

26. Jared and I are genuinely excited to see each other at the end of the day.

27. Spaghetti. It’s an easy fix for dinner. 


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