-Day 173

My 28 Thanks-

1. New morning to live. 

2. New mercies. 

3. B woke up in a great mood!

4. A bagel with “green” cheese makes her happy. 

5. When God speaks to Jared and me. 

6. We don’t have to be in the same room with each other for God to speak the same direction to us. 

7. God shows such wonderful grace to me. 

8. “Captain” by Hillsong United. 

9. My quiet time with the Lord on my way to work. 

10. My stepsister had a miracle happen today!

11. She got to experience Gods hand at work. 

12. He cares about all things. 

13. The Office. So happy it was made. 

14. Fitting more work into a work day than expected. 

15. Another great email convo with my aunt. 

16. Women who are willing to be real. 

17. The giant bear in the office. The boss man gave us a good laugh. His name is now Boo Boo. The bear. Not the boss man. 

18. The bear was already dead. 

19. B got to talk to Huddy Buddy. 

20. My man helps with laundry. 

21. A fun convo with a Women’s Director. 

22. B tells us jokes. 

23. Good laughs with co-workers. 

24. Gas in my vehicle. 

25. People who believe in me. 

26. My husband encourages me. 

27. B likes to talk to her grandparents. 

28. I’m going to bed early. 


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