~Day 172

My 27 Thanks~

  1. Brooklyn’s teacher really likes her a lot.
  2. B is a great student.
  3. She respects her teachers.
  4. She listens in class.
  5. She follows the rules.
  6. Her teacher has great things to say about her.
  7. She loves going to school.
  8. I briefly got to talk to my roomie!…Now call me back, roomie! ;).
  9. Even when I am continents away from friends, we still get to stay in touch through phone calls and Facetime.  Thank goodness we don’t have to rely on snail mail alone.
  10. I accomplished good work in good timing.
  11. Coffee houses provide me a great place to work and write papers.
  12. A leader took time to eat lunch with me today.
  13. We had a great conversation.
  14. The opportunity to learn from one another.
  15. McAlister’s broccoli cheddar soup. MmMMm good.
  16. Leadership who is willing to work on the blind spots.
  17. The huge spider in my kitchen that I found today chose not to eat me.
  18. I had the guts to kill it.
  19. It’s dead.
  20. Bug spray that shoots from 5 feet away.
  21. Jared picks up the spiders for me.
  22. B and I got to talk to my mother-in-law.
  23. Cuddle time with B.
  24. The strong OKC wind didn’t knock me off my feet.
  25. White chocolate mocha’s with caramel drizzle.
  26. Funny faces with B.
  27. Quality time with J.

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