~ Day 170

My 27 Thanks:

  1. A morning to relax.
  2. Netflix holds the perfect Saturday morning entertainment.
  3. B lets us sleep in.
  4. She has a wide arrange of foods that she likes.
  5. She is a pretty healthy eater.
  6. She doesn’t like candy.
  7. My breakfast concoction turned out good!
  8. Biscuits & Gravy.
  9. Bacon on Saturdays just taste better.
  10. B loves to sing songs about Jesus.
  11. She prays for people she spends time with.
  12. We accomplished a lot on our to-do list.
  13. My paint job turned out pretty good.
  14. Jared cleaned the garage for me!
  15. B handled herself pretty well when we went from store to store.
  16. We officially scheduled a holiday vacation!
  17. My good phone chat with my stepdad.
  18. Facetime.  It connects family that live far away.
  19. Southwest Airlines is awesome!  They changed my flight with no extra charges.  They are the only way to fly.
  20. My stepdad and mom are helping make our holiday vacation possible.
  21. Sam gave B some great snow boots!
  22. The ski bibs Sam gave B!  These will come in handy for our trips to Colorado.
  23. The inlaws are having a good trip in NC.
  24. We got to meet up with friends we haven’t seen in while.
  25. Fun conversation with our friends.
  26. Fantastic food at PF Changs.
  27. B did a pretty good job maintaining her 3yr old behavior at the restaurant.  It’s always a plus when we get to enjoy our food in public without a fit.  

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