~Day 168

My 27 Thanks:

1. A comfy blanket to cuddle with on the couch. 

2. Flexible schedules. 

3. Pretty nail polish. 

4. WebMD. 

5. The Internet. What did we do before it? Oh yeah… We made life work. 

6. Headbands to hold my crazy hair back. 

7. Yummy leftover Carolina BBQ. 

8. The inlaws cooked enough pork to last us all week. 

9. Tootsie rolls. 

10. Comfy running socks. Even though I don’t run in them. 

11. Pretty string lights. 

12. Soft pillow to put my head on. 

13. Ceiling fans. 

14. My beautiful wedding ring. 

15. The man that put the ring on my finger. 

16. Movie butter popcorn. 

17. Flat irons. My hair would look like electric shock without it. 

18. Shampoo to take care of the nasty in my hair. 

19. Taco Thursday! Makes dinner cheap for the fam. 

20. Time for personal reflection. 

21. I got to have lunch with my hubby. 

22. Accomplishing tasks off my to-do list. 

23. My playtime with my baby girl. 

24. B’s giggles when we play. 

25. The temps are cooling down. Now my face won’t melt off when I walk outside. 

26. My baby girl is compassionate. 

27. My family loves me so much. 


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