~ Day 167, Jimmy Fallon Style

My 28 Thanks:

1. Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for being so funny. Without your thank you notes I would not be writing my own thank you notes.

2. Thank you, Bible felt characters, for always providing a smile and a wave when walking onto the ark. I smile too when I’m about to watch the world be destroyed.

3. Thank you, Sonic, for always providing those little mints in my bag. They provide great cover up for the 1,000 calorie chili cheese dog I just ate.

4. Thank you, Blue Bell Factory, for cleaning out your machines. I look forward to eating your ice cream without fear of dying.

5. Thank you, Mickey Mouse, for telling my daughter a joke. Now I found laughter that revolves around the question ” Why was 6 afraid of 7?”….. (7,8,9).

6. Thank you, little boys at preschool, for talking to my daughter about boogers and butts. Now her night time prayers involve praying for deeper things, like boogers and butts. Real deep.

7. Thank you, Watch Me song, for teaching everyone how to whip and nae nae. My family is now a pro at it.

8. Thank you, Houston Astros, for losing last night. It brings the Rangers a step closer to winning the division.

9. Thank you, Michael Scott, for your faithful service to Dunder Mifflin. You brought my husband and I great joy.

10. Thank you, Loreal hair products, for making sudsy shampoo. Without you, bathtime just wouldn’t be as much fun.

11. Thank you, Kaleigh, for bringing Trader Joes cookie butter to work today. Somehow you knew I needed that extra space in my spare tire to be filled.

12.  Thank you, Girl Scouts, for your delicious cookies. Knowing I have those cookies by my side, I feel much more prepared to be a scout in the great outdoors.

13.  Thank you, hubby, for changing my text predictor. I have two good laughs now when I try to type ‘lol’ and my phone changes it to ‘I love pretzels’. I do love pretzels, but really? Not cool, Jared. Not cool.

14. Thank you, mom, for mispronouncing words like ‘bison’ and ‘lasagna’. Now every time I see those words I fondly think of you. And I say ‘bee-sawn’ and ‘la-zag-na’.

15. Thank you, to the game Pictaphone, for always providing amazing laughter. Where else could I find a drawing of a small child turn into a unicorn.

16. Thank you, baseball, for speeding up the game. You may not become a thing of the past after all.

17. Thank you, Yankees, for keeping my father-in-law in a job. As a preacher, he is called to pray for the cheaters.

18. Thank you, Carrie Underwood, for singing ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’. It gives me a song to sing when my hubby drives without his glasses at night.

19. Thank you, LaDonna from work, for having a birthday today. It gave me an excuse to eat a bundt cake.

20. Thank you, Big Hero 6, for being such a great movie. It now gives us a break from “Let It Go, Let It Go!”

21. Thank you, Target, for being so fabulous. You always gladly welcome me into your big red shiny doors and take all of my paycheck.

22. Thank you, Starbucks, for making the different city mugs. We now have enough mugs in our cabinets to give everyone that walks in your doors a drink.

23. Thank you, automatic flushing toilets, for allowing me to keep the germs away. Though I appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to flush for me, please wait until my daughter has finished her business. She is now terrified of you.

24. Thank you, Taco Bueno, for .50 Taco Thursday’s. I now have a valid excuse to order double the amount I normally eat.

25. Thank you, Spotify, for always being there when I need a throwback. “TLC- Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” and “Clay Cross- I Surrender All” make a car ride better.

26. Thank you, human videos, for allowing me to express myself. Where else can I act out a hopeless drunk and Jesus all in one scene.

27. Thank you, WordPress, for existing. Without you I might be writing my thoughts in a FiveStar notebook binder.

28. Thank you, reader, for actually reading all 28 Thanks today. You deserve a Starbucks cup for that.


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