~ Day 165

My 28 Thanks~

1. The proper weather to swim in.

2. It’s a holiday!!

3. I labor and I get a day to celebrate it!

4. I had the day off.

5. I got to spend the day with family.

6. I got to sleep in.

7. Hot breakfast provided my mother in law.

8. Brooklyns morning cuddles.

9. Family hugs with J and B.

10. Old couples and their cuteness.

11. Meme’s fresh homemade cookies!

12. I’m not deaf from the water Jared shot in my ear.

13. My mad skills got him back.

14. Brooklyn loves to swim.

15. Cold lemonade on a hot day.

16. North Carolina bbq! Makes me wanna holla.

17. My mother in laws mad cooking skills.

18. Leftovers to eat on for the week!

19. My father in law rescued my ear from Jared’s horrible attack.

20. I forgave Jared.

21. I still love him.

22. Spending quality time with my gma.

23. Getting to play games with her. She still cheats.

24. Jared takes the time to help my gma with her financial questions.

25. My gma is still with us after her stroke.

26. She finally got to go on her hot air balloon ride. Another item off her bucket list.

27. My step sister didn’t chop her whole  thumb off. Only needed a few stitches.

28. My great conversations with J in the car.


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