~ Day 164

My 27 Thanks~

1. Good rest.

2. Toast and jam.

3. Hot coffee this morning. Wakes a sista up.

4. B knows her letters and is reading words.

5. I have a child who loves to learn.

6. B listens.

7. Jared and I got to sleep in, and when I say sleep in that means til 8am.

8. Grandad and Grammy hung out with B so we could get good rest.

9. Hot water!!! (As I say those words the jingle from the “Hot Pockets!” commercial goes through my head. Just wanted you all to experience that song too. You’re welcome.)

10. Cheese. All different kinds.

11. Smores!!! If you ever buy me a dessert, let it be smores.

12. Jared taking the time to play Legos with B.

13. B loves to play Legos. It’s a good thing, otherwise J and I would look weird playing with them on our own.

14. Creativity in each person. It makes the world go round.

15. Had some good hangout time on the back porch with dad and Julie.

16. The Bug Assault Rifle. Hours of fun.

17. B got to spend time with her cousins.

18. Time spent with J’s parents

19. Time spent with Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.

20. Fabulous jambalaya made by my father in law.

21. All the time he spent on the meal.

22. Yummy cobbler made by my mother in law.

23. Our family took time out of their weekend to come see us.

24. Reading Bible stories to my little lady.

25. Natural oils that helped keep the skeeters away.

26. Cuddles from my Frisco boy.

27. Jared is willing to wear a princess crown to make his little girl happy 🙂



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