~ Day 163

My 28 Blessings:

1. Our friend Mynette opened up her house for us to stay.

2. Fresh fruit!

3. Jared took Brooklyn out for a donut treat.

4. We steered clear of the accident on the highway.

5. No one seemed to be injured in the accident. Even the horse seemed to make it out ok after its trailer turned over.

6. God protects us.

7. We spent some good time with our friend Mynette.

8. OU football begins today!!

9. Football season is here!! Boomer!

10. Salt and Vinegar chips. I LOVE CHIPS.

11. We got to spend time with my dad and stepmom.

12. The giggles I hear from B when she and grandad are chasing each other.

13. My home made green beans. They make you want to slap yo mama.

14. Relaxing time sitting on a back porch.

15. The ducks in my dads backyard. They make B smile.

16. I had time today to print off overdue prints of our fam pics.

17. Our family pictures look oh so good.

18. Sprinklers. It gives kids a fun toy to play in.

19. I get more time with my fam bc of the 3day wknd. I’m a laborer! I earned this time!

20. Delicious pork loin.

21. OU won the game! Boomer!

22. Grammy made a room at their house that is all for B.

23. Grammy bought B some cute clothes.

24. Consignment shopping was a success!

25. I have great family.

26. All the love that my baby girl receives.

27. B’s beautiful white girl afro.

28. Warm PJ’s.


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