~Day 162

My 27 Thanks:

1. A tough situation turned out to be easier than expected.

2. I had the urge to vacuum out the car. Thankful for that urge.

3. The car is clean!

4. I found a coupon to get a cheaper oil change.

5. Our old vehicle is still running.

6. Good training books

7. Worship music.

8. B requests to listen to “Jesus music”.

9. B loves to worship Jesus.

10. She loves to dance with me in the car.

11. I now have a sane excuse for creating dance moves to songs. It’s all for my child.

12. I married a man just as “unique” as me.

13. Our child is ok with our “uniqueness” and joins in. For now.

14. Our Frisco boy is so good to B.

15. The joy I get watching B and Frisco chase each other.

16. Spotlight gives us the choice to listen to so many different artists, from Hillsong United to Michael Jackson.

17. Jared has a great job.

18. He brings home the bacon.

19. Growth in my personal life.

20. Safe travels on the road.

21. My mom and stepdad were in town and we got to see them.

22. The free Symphony Orchestra we had the pleasure to hear.

23. Time with my stepsister and a family fried.

24. Great conversations with friends.

25. B lasted through the entire fireworks show. We held her ears the whole time but she did better than usual.

26. The dogs did a great job around all the crowds.

27. Our friend Mynette let us crash at her place. Air mattresses are something special.


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