~Day 161

My 28 blessings:
1. Productive team meetings.

2. Skittles on my desk. Yet my inner tube isn’t grateful for that. Bitter-sweet.

3. Co-workers who bail me out of dilemmas.

4. Dreaming of More by Michelle Anthony. It’s changed my perspective on Kid’s Ministry.

5. I was shown grace today.

6. God chooses to remind me, in a loving way, to offer that same grace to those in my life.

7. One of my Directors paid for lunch today! Taco Thursday!

8. Good conversations with friends.

9. Jared was attacked by a spider tonight. It leaped from the doorframe and landed on his hand. The thing was the size of a small child. He made it out alive though.

10. I’m not the only coffee addict in the office. If you’re reading this, you know who you are.

11. Jana from work helps provide Skittles on my desk. She’s a winner.

12. The kind notes people send.

13. I thought I owed the pest control co. money to come spray today but it was free of charge!

14. We are one more day closer to the Fall season!!!

15. Filtered water.

16. 1st world problems.

17. My health.

18. Jared’s meme celebrated another birthday! 83 years young!

19. Meme is such a blessing to us all.

20. I had a productive phone call today with a University that I am inquiring about.

21. God is revealing new adventures to me.

22. He is patient with me when I question His direction.

23. Brooklyn is really enjoying her new school.

24. She has a great teacher.

25. We spent time together as a family at the Dodgers game.

26. We ate nachos. Don’t judge me.

27. Brooklyn got to hang out with the mascot, whose name is also Brooklyn.

28. Watching my little girls eyes light up when she gets to be with her mascot buddies.


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