Day 160

My 27 Thanks-

1. The training I received from work today.

2. Free breakfast, complete with cinnamon rolls and fruit.

3. Coffee! It’s my best friend in the morning.

4. The opportunity to do training with friends.

5. I love the people I work with.

6. The team I work with are all Christ followers.

7. The opportunity to dream up visions and missions for the church.

8. I like my boss. That can make or break a job.

9. My boss likes me. That can also make or break a job 🙂

10. The doors God opened for me to have my job without me having to search it out.

11. God’s timing was perfect when he placed me where I’m at now.

12. Free lunch!

13. The opportunities I have that grow me as a leader.

14. Jared’s face didn’t melt off when the bug spray splattered on his face. All is good.  He’s not dead.

15. I didn’t run into the gianormous spider that was hanging outside our garage. I may have met Jesus sooner than expected if he landed on my face. I hate spiders.

16. My fur buddy warms my feet.

17.  I had the pleasure of making bead necklaces with my baby girl.

18. B is so thoughtful.

19. I had some great mommy-daughter time tonight.

20. We found a great new book called the Big God Story.  It tells the entire Bible story with the central focus being the great story of God instead of character driven Bible stories.  It is condensed for young children to be able to read it.

21.  B read through the entire book in one sitting.

22.  She asked questions like “what is the Promised Land?”.

23. Jared uses his talent for the church.

24. I was asked to fill a leadership position.

25. Breakfast for dinner.  God bless the first person who broke out of the box on that one.

26. Bacon.  Enough said.

27.  My little girl tells me that Jesus lives in her heart.  What can be better than that right now.


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