~ Day 158

My 27 Thanks~

1. I had my first legit snow day since high school.

2. My amazing relaxation.

3. Some “me time.”

4. Found good deals on picture frames.

5. I had a gift card to use!

6. I got to wander around hobby lobby all by myself.

7. Frisco did his business rather quickly all day. It’s below freezing out there!! The dog’s gotta make it snappy!

8. Jared had a good meeting today.

9. He had a good lunch meeting with a new friend.

10. Since it was a snow day for me I got to spend the day with baby girl.

11. She didn’t fuss when I combed through her beautiful white girl afro.

12. My parents made it safe to their destination.

13. Jared and B traveled safely on the road.

14. Getting to kick my feet up and relax on on the couch.

15. I had time to clean up the place a bit.

16. B and I painted our toenails.

17. She sits so still when we paint her toes.

18. She thinks it’s cool to match mommy.

19. I feel slightly more feminine now that my toes are pampered. It’d been to long.

20. I didn’t bust my butt on the ice.

21. My pipes aren’t frozen.

22. My heater is working.

23. Super comfy/warm winter socks.

24. Frisco is cuddled up next to me.

25. I created more storage in our small space.

26. B gets to see nana.

27. The signs at hobby lobby always give me a good, sometimes needed, laugh.




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